School Board Policy 535



The purpose of this policy is to provide information for parents who want their child to enroll in kindergarten prior to the legal entrance age of five (5) years on or before September 1st.


Initiation of interest for early admission will be initiated by the child's parent. Early entrance will be considered if space is available in the kindergarten classes.


Knowledge of the school program is critical to making good decisions on early admissions. By knowing what type of program the school offers, it is possible to consider the prerequisite skills of the children for existing programs. An interview with the parents, child, school principal and kindergarten teacher will determine whether further testing is warranted. This interview will allow the school professionals to gather information from the parents and will allow a chance for professionals to observe the child.


Early admission to kindergarten will be considered for those children who will be five years of age after September 1. Requests for early admission must be submitted prior to April 1st of the preceding school year. No child whose birthday comes after November 1st will be considered for early admission.

In order to gain early entrance to kindergarten, the child must possess the following special abilities that permit early admission.

  1. Emotional and Social Maturity

    The emotional and social maturity of the child, as well as long term impact, will be considered. Assessment will be formal and informal.

  2. Academic Skills

    Language development and reading readiness will be considered.

  3. Appropriate Pupil Behaviors

    The following behaviors will be given consideration:

    1. Ability to follow directions

    2. Superior attention span

    3. Interest in kindergarten-type activities, curiosity

    4. Ability to relate in a test situation

    5. Self-direction and independence

    6. Ability to function in a group

    7. Peer relations

    8. Attitude toward school and learning

  4. Preschool Experience

    The parents will be asked whether the child had any previous experience in a nursery school, Head Start, Sunday school programs, Montessori school or day care.

  5. Mental Age

    An above average ability to learn will be required on an individual intelligence evaluation completed by a certified psychologist. The child must obtain a standard score on the psychological of 135 or above. This assessment is to be at the cost of the parent.

  6. Method Used to Determine Early Admissions

    After the individual evaluation is completed, the school principal, the school psychologist, and a kindergarten teacher will meet to discuss the results of the evaluation. Consideration will be given to all the criteria listed above.

  7. Post-Testing Interview

    A post-testing interview will be held with the parents and school professionals to inform the parents of their child's performance. The decision for early entry will be shared at this time.

  8. When Child is Denied Early Admission

    When early admission is denied a child, parents have the right to appeal the decision to the school board.

  9. Fee

    It is estimated that the total time involved for the evaluation and interview will be six hours. Because parents will be requesting early admission, the cost to the district to administer the tests and conduct interviews shall be the responsibility of the parents.

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